I work with clients to design and plan productive ecosystems for home-scale horticulture, permaculture homesteads, forest stand and landscape management and ecological range management. I also assess land parcels for prospective landowners who are considering permaculture homesteads.

I base my work on applied ecology and horticulture sciences, agroecology, permaculture, ecological engineering, a variety of frameworks for sustainable living, agriculture and land-use, and an extensive forest ecology, management and planning knowledge-base.

I also offer workshops and presentations on all areas of my expertise. They are tailored to the audience, present well-organized content & clear language, and offer substantial take-home value. Learn more.

Designs and Plans

Container horticulture systems for intensive home-production or small-scale urban farming. These systems are ideal for growing high-quality, high-value crops.

Eco-intensive systems for home & market production. These systems combine intensive beds with the soil benefits of a perennial plant ecology (no till) and are configured to enhance work flow.

Ecological Pest Management Systems. These systems rely upon a combination of site-hygiene, soil health management and a large presence of flowering plants that provide benefits to pest-suppressing life forms.

Integrated Pest Management Systems. These systems rely on the principles of basic cost-benefit and risk-analysis to prevent pest problems and to establish a rational sequence of responses when problems occur. Legitimate responses do not harm the ecology nor do they increase the likelihood of future problems.

Permaculture Homesteads. These systems rely on flow (work flow and everyday on-site travel), function and ecology, saving travel time and management effort over the long run. With time, these systems will gain in productivity.

Forestland Management Plans and Assessments. Managing forest systems requires a long-term planning outlook and viable working “model” or understanding of the forest stand structures and their dynamics.

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