Designed Ecosystems is a single-proprietor company located in Washington State. The proprietor, Richard Freeman (that’s me), established the business in February 2019.

My professional focus and obsession for several decades has been applied ecology, especially pertaining to gardening, small-scale horticulture and forest management. Please read my cover letter and curriculum vitae, linked below, to learn more about me.

Sustainability is fundamentally important to me. So I pay special attention to soil health, robust ecology, biodiversity and beauty.

Long-term viability of an enterprise is equally important. So I emphasize operational efficiency, obtaining yields and containing costs.

I’m happy to work with a variety of clients and audiences with diverse goals, needs, perspectives and income levels. Please inquire.

I write reader-friendly reports in clear language with well-organized content.

For maps and diagrams, I combine hand-drawing with graphics software and computer mapping using a geographical information system (GIS). A GIS facilitates massive data representation and transformation for large, on-going projects.

I maintain a large research library of scientific and technical documents pertaining directly to my work. From this library, I have developed an evolving suite of documents and spreadsheet utilities to help me systematically apply a large volume of scientific and technical data and information.

For my current curriculum vitae and cover letter or an overview of my design methodology, please refer to the links below.

My Curriculum Vitae in PDF.

My Design Methodology in PDF.

Link to my former forestry and land-management small-business, Interface Forestry.