Variations on the Pennsylvania Biochar Kiln

PLEASE NOTE: This post is a draft. I have not yet built this kiln but I have purchased the steel and will build it this May. So, I have not tested the below drawings. Use these drawings at your own risk.

The original designer of the Pennsylvania posted this video:

Drawing 1. Basic Dimensions.

Note that each piece is bent outwards at a 90° angle at the top and 45° on the sides. The top bend increases bending strength and the side bends provide a surface for attaching the sides to each other. I will drill holes and attach with bolts, nuts and washers (heat-resistant) so I can disassemble the kiln and move it myself.

As the above video mentions, the design suggests 1/8th-inch steel.

Basic Dimensions

Drawing 2. Some calculations that support the above dimensions.

2. Supporting Calculations