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Interface Forestry

forest stewardship in the wildland-urban interface

Future Topics of Professional Interest

We're interested in developing several approaches to sustainable forest management, and we'll be accumulating knowledge in these topics until we're ready to offer them as services. Meanwhile, we'll keep you posted on our progress. (Our last posting was: .)

  • We're intensely interested in learning more about Non-Timber Forest Products, particularly uses for timber slash (for biomass-related energy, food products, agrochar, building materials, and any other uses).
  • We're interested in learning more about Holistic Resource Management (HRM), an approach to grazing that introduces intense but punctuated episodes of grazing disturbance in order to simulate evolutionary patterns (like herd migration). Using various forms of cell grazing, animals are slowly moved up a drainage, spending only a few days in each unit. We've acquired some basic texts on the subject of and we'll report back when we have something more to say.
  • We're also interested in learning more about Agroforestry, a forest-based food production system used in some parts of the world. Again, we'll let you know when we have something to say.