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Notes and Research

Due Diligence Research for Forestland Acquisition

Interface Forestry's due diligence research helps a client determine whether or not a prospective land acquisition is suitable for the client's forest management objectives.

We will do due diligence research for residential development if the development accompanies a conservation easement.

A due diligence research report is not a legal document, but is rather a management document -- a guide to further action. We recommend and encourage the client to submit the report to an experienced land title attorney as part of a larger body of research.

Some of the areas we research include:

  • Egress and Ingress, for residential, recreational, and harvesting objectives.
  • Suitability for objectives. Is the land suitable for the sustained production of biomass (for fuel or other uses)? Is it suitable for sustainable timber production? Is it suitable for production of other non-timber forest products? Is it suitable for wildlife habitat or special protection? Is it habitat for endangered species, flora or fauna? Is it suitable for both residential development and conservation? Do fuel conditions make this land uninhabitable or dangerous for living? With the current land owner's permission, due diligence research can include stand exams and fuel assessments.
  • Necessary steps for meeting forest management objectives. This research determines what forest operations will be necessary to meet the client's management objectives, if they are obtainable on the forest parcel. We will give a reasonable estimation of much money these operations will cost or how much profit they will gain (given current costs and prices)?

A due-diligence report comes with photo image-based contour maps illustrating all information contained in the report. The reports are well-written, specific, and easy-to-read.

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