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Interface Forestry

forest stewardship in the wildland-urban interface

Restoring Health and Beauty to Forestlands
in the Wildland-Urban Interface

Interface Forestry works with diverse forest landowners to meet their individual stewardship needs. We recognize that today's forest owners face a wide range of management issues that require thoughtful solutions.

Whether you own a modest residential parcel in the wildland-urban interface or a forested spread covering thousands of acres, we can help you plan and manage your forestlands.

Treatments mimic natural ecological processes to produce a wide range of forest values ranging from aesthetically pleasing spaces to sustainably harvested timber to carbon sequestration, edible mushrooms and biomass for fuel.

Communications, recommendations, and reports are easy to understand; we write them for the non-technical reader. Feel free to e-mail us or call us by telephone at (406) 239-1171. We will NOT give or sell your e-mail address to anyone.

In Regard to Our Services

Interface Forestry offers a rich menu of services to the urban interface landowner. Whether writing sensible, useful, and easy-to-read stand prescriptions and forest plans, or seeing through the work operations in the field, we can help you meet your needs. To read about the specific services we offer you, please click on any of the following links.

We work with a wide range of Stewardship Concerns and Objectives

All planning and fieldwork that we do depends upon the explicit needs of the landowner. If you are not sure what your management objectives are, we can help you identify and formulate them. If you already know what you want, we can help you see your objectives through. Please click on a link for a more detailed explanation of any of these objectives:

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