Notes on Making Dandelion Kimchi

Larry Evans, mycologist and botanist

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uh oh. it’s that time of year! dandelions becoming kimchee..

Lots of things can make kimchee. some plants will last a long time in this lacto halo phile culture. i like to use the crowns of the plant.

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So i cut the root off and trim back the longer leaves. from a 5 gallon bucket of roots and crowns, trimmed and washed then layered with a tablespoon of salt so it looks like this in an hour or so.

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There are maybe 8 T or so salt in that gallon.

Dandelions work well with their slightly bitter starting point. After a day or so on the salt, add a bit of yogurt, fish paste, oyster sauce, miso, whatever’s your favorite starter… I add ginger and garlic to regulate the ferment, be careful of adding chard spinach etc as it will melt away to goo. Radishes and shredded carrots boost the ferment. dandelions will last until you eat them all, I usually have eaten a couple or 3 gallons by January.

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