Thanks for your interest. Currently I am not holding workshops and presentations due to the COVID-19 epidemic until further notice. Please check back from time to time!

Workshops and Presentations

Generally, presentations require 50 minutes plus a 30-minute (or more) Q&A period.

Workshops require 2 hours.

Series workshops require 2 hours per session. I can schedule up to 3 sessions per day.

Workshop Topics

  • Build it and they will grow: Designing Eco-Intensive Garden Beds
  • Just Char It! Two Easy Methods for Making Biochar
  • Making and Preparing Biochar for Horticultural Container Media
  • Formulating and Blending Grow Media from Sustainable Substrates
  • See Plant Grow! A Zonal System for Stocking Large Containers
  • Boil and Bubble! Formulating Fermented Fertigation Solutions
  • More to come.

Series Workshop Topics

  • Growing the First Third of the Seasonal Household Diet:
    1. Overview
    2. Site Assessment and Mapping
    3. Determining Garden Size
    4. Designing the Garden
    5. Ordering Seeds
    6. Scheduling Planting and Harvesting
    7. Food Preservation – an Overview
  • Making High-Quality composts for Container Media
    1. Making Thermal Compost
    2. Making Vermicompost
    3. Making Bokashi (fermented compost)
  • A High-Production Zoning System (spikes and layers) for Large Containers
    1. Assembling the Container
    2. Preparing the spike and layer media

Presentation Topics

  • Plants with Purpose: Designing Garden Polycultures for Beauty and Function
  • Beauty and the Beast: Shooing Away Garden Pests by Planting Flowers
  • From Sky to Soil: Sequestering Carbon into the Soil by Gardening
  • Growing the First Third of the Household Seasonal Diet: an Overview
  • Biochar and Compost for Landscape Horticulture
  • More to come.